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Not So Big Design

A glance at the examples of residential design on this website includes a cross section of the homes we have designed over the past thirteen years.  While there are many sizable homes represented, Butcher and Associates has also designed a great number of homes in a more modest range of size, 1500 - 2400 SF.  Our support of the not so big house philosophy pervades our solutions for clients whose programs call for homes designed to fit more like a glove than an overcoat.

While our designs for all projects take advantage of site placement, orientation, views, and topography, we also spend a great deal of time providing the smaller elements of design that separate the one size fits all home from the home custom tailored to you and your family.  Taking advantage of opportunities within the design of spaces to capture the leftover nooks and crannies provides not only extra spaces for unique items, but these niches add character to the home and a personal touch.  A home does not have to be big to be well designed, nor does the home have to be large to express volume and light.  A visit to any of our homes, regardless of size, will impress upon you the uniqueness of the spaces, the attention to daylight, and the personal solutions provided to each client.  For more information on the concepts of Not So Big, visit www.notsobighouse.com, or give us a call.

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