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How Design Works

So you're thinking about building your dream but don't know where to start.  Design can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience.

Designing the dream begins and ends with YOU - your vision, your wants, and your needs.  These must be balanced against the reality of your resources and the opportunities and obstacles presented by your property.  Your architect will take your vision and translate it into the drawings which are the language understood by your builder.  From your thoughts to the architect's drawings to the builder's craftsmanship - each step is an essential piece of the puzzle that will build your dream.

Butcher and Associates believes that architecture is an experience not an expense, and we want to share that experience with you.  To better help you understand your role in the design process, we are offering a resource available from the American Institute of Architects that describes what you might expect from working with an architect.

Topics covered on the AIA's "You and Your Architect" pdf document include the following:

  • Getting Started

  • Selecting Your Architect

  • The Important Choices

  • Services Available from Architects

  • Negotiating the Agreement

  • Compensating Your Architect

  • Keeping the Project on Track

We encourage you to visit the AIA Michigan's webpage at http://www.aiami.com/Working with an AIA Architect  


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