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Butcher and Associates was committed to working with non-profits and other community organizations to assist with architecture and planning for projects of all sizes.  The firm's community service work permitted these organizations to benefit from the professional services provided by Brad and his employees.

Raven Hill Discovery Center.  Butcher and Associates provided preliminary design work for the expansion of the schoolhouse building at Raven Hill Discovery Center near East Jordan, Michigan.  Raven Hill is a very popular destination for schoolchildren and adults throughout Michigan providing educational opportunities in the earth sciences.

Otsego County Commission on Aging.  Butcher and Associates' relationship with the Otsego County Commission on Aging ranged over many years, and included long term programming for space requirements in the Administrative offices, Kitchen and food services, Otsego Haus Adult Day Care, and other activity spaces.  The long term plan will enable the OCCOA to look into the future for facility space requirements and meet their goals of serving the growing senior population in Otsego County.

United Way of Otsego County.  Butcher and Associates provided architectural services for several small projects at the United Way building in Gaylord.  These have included window installation designs and plans for the Community Food Pantry.

Gaylord Area Council for the Arts.  As a former Director for GACA, Brad Butcher has continued his commitment to this important organization in Otsego County by providing design assistance for several small projects at the Arts Council's new Art Center on Main Street in Gaylord.


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